Taylor James

(York, S.C.) — The Yorkville Marketplace hosted a two-day vintage fair that showcased more than 50 vendors and welcomed thousands of visitors from across York County.

The event, March 20-21, was sponsored by the Yorkville Marketplace and offered a variety of old, new and homemade goods, such as jams, antiques, jewelry and plants.

Chris Holbert, owner of the marketplace in York, S.C., said the event drew more than 5,000 visitors on Saturday alone.

“This show focuses on antique and vintage vendors. Home décor, furniture, clothing, as well as hand-crafted products. We had 50-plus vendors attend last weekend and additional vendors planning to attend in the Fall,” said Holbert.

Holbert said this fair was a first-time event, but moving forward it will be held twice a year in the spring and fall.

Many vendors showcased repurposed items and offered specialty work, such as homemade quilts and specialized pillows.

“We are a mom and daughter team and we buy and resale vintage items and we up-cycle them in a lot of ways, making quilts and wall hangings and we also create home decor for stores,” said Hunter Guffey, co-owner of the Country Peddler.

The Country Peddler repurposes clothing items from lost loved ones and makes them into quilts and other items as keepsakes.

Guffey said they hoped to make a lot of new connections at the event and “to get word (about their business) out there in a different area.”

The event also featured four-legged visitors, including a donkey named Puddin and a sheep named Dixie, and five different food trucks.

While some vendors were returning sellers, others attended after hearing of the market’s successful Christmas event.

“Other people told me about how awesome this event was when they had it at Christmas time and just really recommended that I come out. They said they’ve got thousands of people from all over,” said Alyssa Myhnier, the co-owner of Sweet Waffle Farm.

Myhnier said they wanted to attend the fair in order to grow their business, attract new customers and give back to the community.

The Yorkville Marketplace sponsors many events throughout the year that allow independent vendors to showcase and sell their products.

The next event will be a home and garden show, which will be held April 29-May 2 and will feature more than 75 vendors.