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(Rock Hill, S.C.) — Roughly once a week, yoga enthusiasts from the Critter Creek Farm take the relaxing hobby and turn it into goat friendly fun at the historic White Home in Rock Hill.

On a Saturday morning, March 27, a group of more than 20 people joined together to attend the regular goat yoga class hosted by Critter Creek Farm.

“We started goat yoga five years ago and we only expected to do one season. It was fun. When that season was over, we got inundated with emails saying ‘hey when’s the next schedule coming out?’ So here we are five years later,” said Terri Gustin, owner and operator of the Critter Creek Farm.

Gustin is a commercial flower farmer and a retired ER nurse, who now hosts the popular events at the White Home.

“We don’t do any advertising, we never have. We take pictures the whole time and I have my camera ready when that goat jumps on your back, because by the time you reach for your camera he’s jumped down and jumped on somebody else,” said Gustin.

“I take pictures the whole time and we post them on Facebook. It’s an open page where you can pull the pictures off and share them. The past five years, it’s just been word of mouth,” said Gustin.

Amy Mcnulty said she brought her daughter and her friends to the yoga class as a safe but fun celebration of her sweet-16 birthday during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“A neighbor friend of ours had her daughters 16th birthday party here and we saw pictures and they were priceless. My daughter wanted to do her birthday party here too, so she invited six friends to come. She’s so excited and it’s absolutely adorable and such a fun way to celebrate,” said Mcnulty.

“It’s a fun experience. I think everyone now is thinking less about stuff, but more so about what can we do that’s fun. It’s about experiences and getting out, especially in this age of COVIID,” said Gustin.

She said for the past four years all of the public events have been hosted at the White Home, which is located near downtown Rock Hill.

The next goat yoga class is scheduled for Sunday, May 2 at 11 a.m. It’s the first of five classes scheduled at the White Home throughout the month of May.

Goat Yoga 2
Goat yoga classes, hosted by the Critter Creek Farm, have become a popular regular event at Rock Hill’s historic White Home (photo: Shardai Figgures).