Christopher Adams

(Rock Hill, S.C.) — Winthrop University’s DiGiorgio Student Union (DSU) hosted a “Silent Library” event, which was based on the popular MTV game show that required contestants to remain quiet while completing tasks in a library.

The MTV show “Silent Library” aired from June 2009 to May 2011 and featured celebrity contests such as Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon and Jessie James.

The event, April 16 in the Ida Jane Dacus Library, was intended to give students something fun to do as final exams approached.

It was one of the many events organized by DSU throughout the school year to help entertain and educate the campus community.

During the event, students were paired into two teams that competed against each other in a variety of challenges, while trying to stay quiet. If a team made too much noise, they lost the game.

“I’ve seen ‘Silent Library’ and it’s dope as heck,” said Ray Davis, a member of the DSU programming board. “It would be my honor to participate in something and imitate such an iconic show.”

Destiny Black, a student who participated in the game, said she saw the night as an opportunity to clear her mind and have some fun.

“I have a whole bunch of papers due and I thought it was getting overwhelming. I just need to focus on something else,” said Black.

“It really helped to just get my mind off of stuff and focus on just having fun for a moment.”

Davis said the event helped relax his mind for the challenge that awaited him over the next few weeks with final exams.

“It was funny, it was innovative, it was interactive and it was something definitely to keep my mind off the stress coming in the next two weeks,” said Davis.

There were roughly 20 single or partner challenges, which students were asked to complete, including a game called “Shoot your Shot,” which required two people to work together to catch 10 basketballs in a stocking in under a minute.

Another game called “Street Movez” required an individual to dance for 30 seconds while impersonating a hip-hop star and wearing a backwards cap; and one called “Animal Attack” required a player to be hit with stuffed animals for one minute.

Student Ashley Lundy said she really enjoyed competing in the “Toothpaste and Toilet Brush” challenge, which required a person to brush their partner’s teeth using a toilet brush.

“It kind of hurt my lips a little bit. She was going a little hard, but it was fun,” said Lundy.

Davis said the “Wring of Fire” challenge, which saw a student get smacked with towels by their teammates for 20 seconds, was the funniest game of the event.

“That was funny to watch; that was hilarious,” said Davis. “Just to see her face when we wound that thing up.”