Michael D. Crump

(Rock Hill, S.C.) — A bustle of people moved through the Rutledge Hall pottery studio on the campus of Winthrop University, as the Fine Arts Department held its 29th annual Holiday Pottery Sale Nov. 30.

The event featured work by students, faculty and alumni artists that was available for purchase.

“All the students actually turned a very functioning pottery studio into an art gallery,” said Russ Van Kampen, a senior artist.

The studio was cleaned out and stocked with art work, with the goal of raising money for both the artists and the department.

“I wanted to come out and see what some of the students created,” said Bailey Babb, a Winthrop sophomore who attended the event. “I thought it was really cool.”

Chris Brown, an artist who graduated in 2017, said she had work from all four years of her career at Winthrop on display, as well as some she has created since graduating.

Pot Picture
The pottery sale featured work by students, faculty and alumni artists (photo: Michael D. Crump).

“You can really see how things evolved over the years as I learned new things,” said Brown.

“It is very gratifying to see all the various student artists getting their work sold,” said Russ Van Kampen.

In total, the event raised a reported $11,000 for the artists.

Andrea Van Kampen, a senior artist and wife of Russ Van Kampen, said the event was special because it really “meant a lot” to see the community come out and support the artists.

“It adds an external satisfaction to what is already an internal satisfaction by the process of creating,” she said. “It is especially nice to see other people appreciate your work and be able to use it and enjoy it.”