Austin Grier

(Rock Hill, S.C.) — Winthrop University’s DiGorgio Student Union (DSU) hosted its first “Sunset Yoga” event Sept. 9, which organizers said was the first cultural event centered around yoga.

DSU is a student group that plans and schedules entertainment for the campus community, including comedians, bands, lecturers and more.

The event took place as the Sun was setting at Campus Green near the DiGiorgio Campus Center.

It was originally scheduled to happen during the spring 2019 semester, but it had to be rescheduled due to rain and lightning.

“I was disappointed last (semester) when I found out the sunset yoga thing was cancelled, but I’m definitely going this time. It sounds interesting,” said senior Evan Hailes.

“Yoga is a way to become more connected to yourself. People should come to give themselves some self-love and take a second to breathe before the semester really gets going,” said Cherilyn Heintz, a senior marketing major and yoga instructor for Winthrop recreational services, who oversaw the sunset yoga participants.

“I would like for students to walk away feeling calm and relaxed. I like them to feel like they did something good for their body and mind.” she said.

Heintz was planning a “before the session, yoga session” that included a brief introduction to yoga, the benefits, different poses and techniques for limiting stress.

Heintz, who has about six years of yoga experience, studied at the Asheville Yoga Center and before completing her certification as an instructor.

“I have been teaching at Winthrop since spring 2017. I started because I was already informally teaching my friends and family and I wanted to delve deeper into my practice and understand the techniques of teaching,” she said.

Prior to the event, organizers were expecting roughly 60 to 70 students to attend.

“Yoga mats will be provided for those who wish to participate in the event, although if you have your own you it’s okay to use that,” said Joy King, chairperson of events for DSU, prior to the event.

King said sunset yoga was a good self-care event for students before for the stress of the semester begins.

She said there are numerous opportunities for students to get involved with DSU and help plan social and cultural events on campus.