Devin Cherry

(Rock Hill, S.C.) – Winthrop University’s multicultural student publication, the Roddey McMillan Record (or RMR), has operated as a newspaper for a number of years, but this semester it’s returning to its original roots, when it was founded in 1986, as a magazine.

“We really didn’t have a lot of readers when we were more of the newspaper format and I think that was because we were sort of competing with the Johnsonian,” said Kimberly Boensch, news and opinion editor for the RMR.

The main goal of the RMR is to cover stories focused on diversity and “promote awareness and understanding of issues concerning minorities for the betterment of the entire Winthrop community,” according the its website.

“Right now, we are a monthly magazine. We cover all sorts of issues from black liberation, we cover queer liberation and all kind of topics like that,” said Ravyn Rhodes, editor in chief of the RMR.

Leaders at the publication hope to explore new ways to print and gain a bigger audience, while coming back from the COVID-19 pandemic when the RMR was not published.

“There was a time where we weren’t able to print during COVID an there was just a lack of people knowing what was going on or if there was any new news. So I feel like, even with the online presence, the printed paper is probably the easiest to get out to everybody, “said executive assistant Amy Sharpe.

The RMR has been an essential part of Winthrop for more than 30 years and many people with the publication say they hope the transition to a magazine will help it stay around for many years to come.