Jessica Lopez

(Rock Hill, S.C.) – The Winthrop University math club hosted a “haunted math escape room” event that featured questions that were based on calculus and statistics.

The club Nu Epsilon Rho Delta (or NERDs) hosted the Halloween-themed event Oct. 27 in Bancroft Hall.

Groups of four to five people were given 20 minutes to answer a series math themed riddles, puzzles or jokes that opened lock boxes, in order to escape the room. The groups were also given up to three hints.

“Most of it was trying to find things and having to connect the dots to basically get out of there. So, it was not what I expected at all, but it was fun,” said Jacob Worth, a computer science major and NERDs club member.

Winners that made it out within the time limit received candy.

“We were 10 seconds too late,” Alex Brown, a math major, said. “We were 10 seconds over the time, but you know it was close enough.”

The theme for the escape room was escaping a cafeteria surrounded by zombies, so students needed to find an “immunity antidote” before the zombies broke through the doors and infected the group.

“I did enjoy all the connections and problem solving there was. It seemed a little bit more intense at times than just math,” said Christian Morris, a computer science major and NERDs club member.