JaKayla Cornish

Editor’s note: This story was originally filed during the fall semester of 2021.

(Rock Hill, S.C.) — One Rock Hill business is providing an opportunity for people to express themselves and channel their inner artist through the creation wood-based home décor.

At Nailed It DIY Studio, people of all ages, with a bit of guidance and plenty of support, are given the tools they need to bring their unique vision to life.

“We give you raw wood, raw product and you create something for your home. Using tools, proprietary techniques we’ve created, pink colors, designs you select from our many designs online. It’s really you doing whatever you want to do,” said Shannon Evans, the founder and owner of Nailed It.

Guests can come by themselves or book studio time as a group to work on their projects. They can also sign up for a workshop provided by the studio, which provides a range of themes for the projects, including nursery, pets, winter and wedding decor.

“My favorite part of leading parties, here at Nailed It, is actually watching the projects come to life,” Jessica Edwards, a workshop leader, said.

“Seeing the people, it’s like you can see their agency come into themselves. They see their project and they see that, ‘Oh my gosh, I actually did that,’” Edwards said.

Nailed It DIY Studio was founded in 2014 and through franchising has grown to include 21 locations across the Carolinas and other states, such as Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

All of the studios are equipped with bar style seating and Evans says that plays a significant role in the experience that guests have when they come.

“When people are sitting in tables separated, they don’t really get to come together,” Evans said. “So, all of our style seating is bar, you can gather with your friends, you can gather around people that you’ve come with, or gather around and meet complete strangers, because in that situation that works that way. That’s something that we really love and love to see people enjoy.”

The studio also offers an extensive selection of merchandise that is available for purchase, which consists of hand-built wood décor and other items, such as soap and candles that are made-from-scratch.

“We have gifts that range in all different prices, all different styles, different things that people might enjoy. So, you can stop in and purchase anything, and again, shop local, it’s the best thing to do here in Rock Hill,” Evans said.

Rock Hill’s Nailed It DIY Studio is located downtown at 139 E Main Street.