Tarik Beaulieu

(Rock Hill S.C.) — Intramural basketball at Winthrop University began early this month at the West Center, as students joined together to form teams and compete in a month-long season.

The intramural league, which began Feb. 3, allows students an opportunity to engage in physical activity and socialize after class, by playing in what can often be an intense game of basketball.

“Intramural basketball, I think, is important for college campuses because it…helps people get together,” said Cody Fetter, an environmental studies major and member of the league.

“You have all these kids that play at home and then when they get to college, they may not know anybody, then they come in here and start playing basketball on a team then they get to know those guys. I mean it is kind if a community thing.”

Jonathan Martin, a business administration major, said he also started playing intramural basketball to bring all of his friends together.

WU Intramural Basketball
Intramural basketball gives Winthrop students an opportunity to exercise, socialize and have fun, according to participants (photo: Tarik Beaulieu).

“Participating in intramural basketball forces people to communicate and work together with people that typically wouldn’t work together,” said Martin, who is captain of a team called “Kareem of the Crop,” which currently holds a 2-4 record in the league.

“It’s nice to be able to grow those connections on the court and genuinely have fun with your friends while playing the game you love.”

Teams in the league will finish the four-week season early next month with a single elimination playoff, as each team is vying for a chance to make a run to the finals.