Kristal Herrin

(Rock Hill, S.C.) — A number of Winthrop University students said they are pleased the construction on Cherry Road, on the edge of campus, has been completed, even though some expressed frustration with some of the changes.

The work to resurface the road, which began last May, was finally ended in December as the fall semester came to a close.

Freshman Vincent Wasner was one of a number of students who said they often avoided using Cherry Road last semester.

“The traffic, it was a huge inconvenience. The roads (were) uneven, so it was very annoying to drive on them,” said Wasner, a political science major.

“I’ve actually had to avoid Cherry Road all together to get to school on-time and to get to work on-time,” said senior Caleb Moody. “There has been times when the traffic has backed up, because they shut down lanes.”

Roy McMillan, a senior, said the construction caused some wear and tear on his car.

“The roads are kind of still messed up so the suspension in the car that I drive is kinda getting worse, because I’m driving on those bumps,” said McMillan, last semester before the construction ended.

However, the new median, which prevents left turns from Ebenezer Avenue on campus, has frustrated a number of students.

“It hinders me from pulling into my own road where I live, I can’t turn left when I try to pull out. It’s just a huge hindrance,” said Joshua Godfrey, a senior math major.

“I do have friends that live in Richardson (Hall) and that side of Thomson (Dining Hall) and it has prevented them from getting to and from their dorms easily,” said Moody.

“I do feel like I’m gonna get hit (by a car) a lot, I don’t really feel safe on that road,” said Wasner.