Joseph Kasko & Matthew Shealy

(Rock Hill, S.C.) — A group of Winthrop University students has created a popular electronic dance music (EDM) track using the audio from a crosswalk signal on the edge of campus.

The trio, using the name WUboiz, released the “Oakland Avenue Remix” on Soundcloud three weeks ago and the song has already been played more than 4,300 times.

“Our freshman year we were quite obsessed with the crosswalk,” said Michael Matheny, a senior integrated marketing communication major and member of the WUboiz. “We realized this would make an awesome EDM track, so four years later, of course, we decided we were going to have it done.”

The other members of the WUboiz, using the pseudonyms DJ Eagle Fartz and DJ Da Pickelz, have chosen to conceal their identities similar to popular artists such Marshmello and Daft Punk.

“We initially took recordings from the crosswalk. We were able to record and get soundbites from that and the rest was created by DJ Eagle Fartz in the studio,” said Matheny.

“I hadn’t really done EDM before, but I come from a musical family and I have done a little bit of mixing and creating tracks in the past,” said DJ Eagle Fartz, an art major.

DJ Da Pickelz, a senior business major, said he hoped the track, which includes a portion of the university song, would help create a “sense of Winthrop pride” among the campus community.

The group has promoted the track via social media and posted QR codes with a link to the song across campus, which has garnered the attention of a number of students.

“I just gave it a scan and listened to it,” said Sidney Ruff, a Winthrop freshman.

“It’s a pretty incredible remix,” said freshman Ny Reid. “I loved it man, the bass and everything, the beats; it’s totally dope.”

Matheny said the group is working on other songs and intends to create a music video for the “Oakland Avenue Remix.”

“We have no intention of slowing down,” he said. “We’re very proud of Winthrop. We love our school and that is why we created this dope track.”

The song has also been added to the rotation of music at the online campus radio station Eagle Air.