Margaux Parmentier

(Rock Hill, S.C) — The Winthrop University student organization Plain Jane, inspired by the movie “Means Girls,” hosted a “Burn Book” event, which was intended to help people let go of negative feelings.

Students had the opportunity, April 9, to write negative thoughts on sticky notes that were placed on a tri-fold board.

“Write down the negative thoughts that they have, either in their heads or that they think negatively of themselves, and just kind of just release it and destroy it,” said Deminique Quinones, a member of the group.

The event was part of a week of events hosted by Plain Jane that were inspired by the 2004 film “Mean Girls,” which were intended to draw attention to issues young women face.

“Plain Jane is an all female organization that works to empower and uplift other women on campus,” said Quinones.

According to Winthrop’s website, the purpose of the organization is to encourage women to embrace their “individuality, confidence, power and unity,” no matter their race or ethnicity.

In the film, the “Burn Book” is filled with negative stories, rumors and gossip about young women (and men) at a high school.

Those who attended touted the benefits of the event.

Burn Book 2
The “Burn Book” event, which was inspired by the movie “Means Girls,” was intended to help people let go of negative feelings (photo: Margaux Parmentier).

“My expectation was to let go of all the negative things and bring in the positive about me,” said Zaria Hailton, a junior psychology major.

Tianna Harrel, a sophomore biochemistry major, said she come to the event to “forgive” the people who said negative things about her.

“I’ve written down all the negative things that have actually affected me through life on the board to actually just let them go,” said Harrel. “This even brought me the art of letting go and learning how to actually mature through these past events.”

More than 20 people attended the event, during common time, outside the DiGiorgio Campus Center.

Quinones said she was pleased with the results, because she “did not expect that many people to come.”