Madeline Brooks

(Rock Hill, S.C.) — A new cannabidiol (or CBD) store has opened in Rock Hill, as the products have gained popularity, including in the South.

CBD is derived from hemp, but contains none of the compounds that cause the user to feel “high” and advocates say the products contain many health benefits. For example, CBD has become a popular natural treatment for anxiety, seizures and chronic pain.

Your CBD Store, located at 1636 Ebenezer Rd., opened in November and it’s the first CBD-only store in York County.

The store is part of a chain that has 179 locations across the country, according to the company’s website, including 14 locations in South Carolina and nine in North Carolina.

Alison Sheppard, who owns the store, said she discovered the benefits of CBD after she and her dog began experiencing high levels of anxiety after a death in the family.

Sheppard said she decided to give her dog CBD, but was skeptical as even Xanax had not worked for him. “(It) instantly worked…It didn’t take a day or two. He didn’t take Xanax anymore,” she said.

Sheppard said she opened Your CBD Store after her daughter, who has ADHD, was also able to stop taking Adderall and Ritalin after she began using CBD.

She estimates she has seen around 2,000 customers since opening and she said she is already looking to open another location.

“People want something besides big pharma,” Sheppard said. “They want something besides a pill, they want something natural that is…not going to be addicting.”

The store offers a number of products, including CBD-infused candles, bath bombs, lip balms, body lotions, gummies, dog treats, capsules and drops.

Your CBD Store offers a number of products, including CBD-infused dog treats, candles and bath bombs (photo: Madeline Brooks).

Charles Bradley, a Concord native and frequent CBD user, said he has seen the benefits of the products firsthand.

“My parents are on so many medications, they have horrible pain, anxiety, depression. They didn’t love the idea of hemp products at first,” Bradley said. “They’re obsessed with it now. My mom’s pain is totally gone, for the first time in years.”

However, Danielle Center, executive director of Keystone Substance Abuse Services in Rock Hill, told The Herald there are some concerns about CBD because it’s currently not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration

“We don’t really know long-term what it does to the body yet because there is no research,” said Center. “Until it goes through the FDA process and it’s really studied and researched, then we can’t really say much about it.”

However, Center conceded there is some anecdotal evidence that CBD oil has improved some medical conditions, when created properly.

Regardless, other stores in Rock Hill have also begun to sell CBD products, including those that sell vitamins and tobacco and vape products.

David Graham, owner of the Vitamin Depot on Celanese Road, said in the past year he has seen a surge in customers who are specifically seeking CBD products.

“I see a lot of return customers – people definitely getting results with it,” said Graham.

Jason Deputy, who works at Stateline Vapes on Cherry Road, also said people have been coming into the store and specifically requesting CBD products.

The CBD market is growing and is expected to hit $22 billion by 2022, according to industry analyst the Brightfield Group.