Margaux Parmentier

(Rock Hill, S.C.) –- The York County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team conducted training exercises at Winthrop University earlier this month, because officials said it provided a “unique environment.”

The majority of the exercises Feb. 4 took place in the Coke Building and focused medical training and moving up and down stairways and hallways.

“The guys are training with our medics on evacuating injured officers and/or civilians using skids and various other medical equipment,” said Cpl. Stephen Ramsey, a York County SWAT team leader.

“Our goal with our training is to constantly push ourselves to be better and to work better as a team,” he said. “So that when we’re called out in real crisis situations, then we are operating at our very best.”

SWAT Training 4
Officials said Winthrop’s Coke Building provided a “unique environment” for the SWAT training (photo: Margaux Parmentier).

Team members trained for three hours to be able “to resolve situations and to protect the citizens in York County,” according to Ramsey.

“It is always the goal of Campus Police to work with neighboring law enforcement agencies in a sense of mutual cooperation,” said Ken Scoggins, chief of the Winthrop Campus Police.

Scoggins warned the Winthrop community, via email, of the increased police presence prior to the training, but said it wouldn’t disrupt normal campus business.

“Campus Police is intent to continue these close relationships in the event these other agencies may need to be called upon to assist Campus Police,” he said.